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Choose Your Sea Change

From laid-back beach living to shoreline chic, there are so many ways to bring seaside inspiration into your home. We chatted with Palm Lake Resort interior design consultant Eleanor Davis about three key sea change styles.

LUXE, ECLECTIC, OPULENT and high-end are just some of the words that Eleanor Davis would use to describe her own personal style. The Gold Coast-based interior design extraordinaire (and director of Elle Interiors) has consulted to Palm Lake Resort on some of our newest resorts, clubhouses and display homes, bringing her unique touch of glamour and class to resorts like Tea Gardens, Ballina and the stunning new Toowoomba Pinnacle. Like the Palm Lake Resort team, Eleanor loves to push the boundaries and ensure that the homes and facilities she designs reflect the luxuriousness of international five-star resorts.

“Palm Lake Resort homeowners have worked hard throughout their lives to get to the positions they are in,” Eleanor says. “They deserve to be living in the beautiful surroundings that Palm Lake Resort offers.”

On some of her newest projects, Eleanor has taken inspiration from the resorts’ surroundings – the salt and sand of beachside living. She talks us through three beachside styles and the nuanced differences that make them their own.
“It has been really exciting to create the feelings of these resorts,” Eleanor says.

Hamptons – As enjoyed at Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Bay

In the interior design world, the Hamptons style is a time-tested classic and for good reason. Sophisticated and sumptuous, a Hamptons home gives the impression of a year-round holiday – a beach house so inviting you never want to leave.
“The Hamptons area in New York has a look all of its own,” says Eleanor. “It’s high-end and extravagant but paired back with a refined colour palette.”

This colour palette of deep blues and teals, whites and splashes of timber make for a very fresh and bright living space. It’s a clash of texture, not colours, that makes a Hamptons home so unique – think deep, soft couches with clean-cut side tables and a careful arrangement of ornaments both big and small, old and new.

Carribean – Coming to Palm Lake Resort Caloundra Cay

The brand-new Caloundra Cay resort will soon open its dark wooden doors, revealing an island paradise of deep greens, soft whites and natural textures.

“The whole estate will feel like a holiday in the Caribbean,” says Eleanor. “Open and airy, with lots of palm trees and natural elements like stone and timber.”

Think tropical-luxe: lush greenery with tan and chocolate accents and timber flooring, brightened up with light linens and moss-coloured cushions. Classic and relaxed, the Caribbean style is like something from a dream – a dream most likely had in a huge, four-post bed. Rattan baskets and linen throws juxtapose heavy furniture in various wooden shades, and characterise the island-style of the brand new Caloundra Cay resort.

Coastal living – As enjoyed at Palm Lake Resort Bargara

The calm, beachy vibes of Bargara’s newer homes draw inspiration from a little closer to home – the laidback lifestyle of Australia’s eastern coastline. Relaxed with light, natural colours, Eleanor says she had Noosa or Sydney’s beachside houses in mind when styling this resort.

“It’s a classic Australian beachside look, a bit more relaxed and modern than say a Hamptons style home,” Eleanor says. “I envisioned long chaise sofas and sideboards, white linen and timber accents – very bright and simple.”
A coastal-styled home is the perfect canvas to make your own, in all of its understated-glory. It’s your vacation, and the choice is yours.